Liang Chung Agricultural Co., Ltd

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Liang Chung Agricultural Co., Ltd, founded in 1999, dedicates to vegetable breeding for almost 20 years. Our primary goals are tomato and supersweet corn breeding. Our products are mainly focus on China; also, we are developing new products which can reach the requirements of Asian region and Taiwan's market.

Small tomatoes (cherry/grape types) are our main products, which is notable of the strong resistance to all sorts of tomato illness and disease. Our beefsteak tomato products are also focus on resistance development. Other products include high quality and well adaptability supersweet corn species (SH2), and banana species with strong resistance to Panama disease (Fusarium oxysporum).

Our small tomatoes (cherry/grape types) seed products mostly sell to other dealers in the big-package form, with various types of species, and we also provide samples. We are welcome to introduce for more information.