Taishiang seeding center

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Taiwan incense seedlings established in 1988, single-handedly founded by Mr. Liu Qing, chairman of respect, seed supply to areas in Nantou County, Taiwan, accounting for 90% of the national supply. Foreign trade with Southeast Asia, Vietnam, followed by South Korea, mainland China, Thailand and Malaysia. 

Taiwan incense seed has become Southeast Asia, foster health leader in seed production technology, professional production of fruits and vegetables healthy seed technology. In Taiwan incense, we uphold the principle of providing high-quality, healthy product concept virus-free seedlings, and customer-centric, to provide the most professional customer service. Face different regional environment, changes in market demand, Taiwan incense has the ability to make quick and timely response, providing the highest quality advice on planting, to meet a variety of customer needs. 

Mr. Liu Qing, chairman of honor was awarded 10 outstanding professional farmers Shennong Award in 2005, winning certainly, Taiwan incense professional production of disease-free, healthy grafted passion fruit grafted seedlings, varieties include Parthenon One, stars and golden passion fruit, can meet customer demand for different markets.