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SUNTECH SEED specializes in vegetable breeding, seed production and marketing.

 In addition to selling vegetable seeds in Taiwan and SUNTECH SEED also exports seeds to other countries internationally. For diversifying crop development, we have set research farms both in Taiwan & Thailand and led by many breeding experts. The goal for the research farm is to develop various varieties of tropical vegetable which are easy to cultivate, resist or tolerate to pest, anti-stress environment, high-yield and high quality.

 By the way, we keep a good & closed relationship with some government agriculture institutes for updating resources and new information of breeding mutually. We insist on developing the quality seed for market need.

 There are many new varieties of sweet corn, cauliflower, tomato, papaya and so on available in the market since 2001, which received lots of positive feedback from local and foreign farmers. We cordially expect to have your great recognitions & supports as well.