ASUSA & Co., Ltd.

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ASUSA & Co., Ltd. is mother company includes ASUSA SPIKE SEEDS, ASUSA BIOTECH and ASUSA TALING TRADE, we are major in seeds and plant production, and distinguished for its highly advanced research, development, marketing and cooperated with other breeding companies in the world. In 2012, all employee completely were invited to become ownership of the company.

ASUSA SPIKE SEEDS is well established from 1984 an became a leading company from 1987 that comines with self-bredding with marketing, whose headquater is located in Taipei, and dealing in flower, turf, FLEUROSELCT in Taiwan and China, we are also the member of APSA.

ASUSA BIOTECH is major in bedding plants breeding, field trial and plug production. The company owns a greenhouse with modern facilities, cool storage room and warehouse in southem Taiwan. In 2014, we have our own papaya seed production, and develop the tissue culture seeding.

ASUSA TALKING TRADE is major in international trade business for import an export seed, we are also dealing the horticultural supplies such as plug tray, plastic mutch and stell clip, plastic clamp etc.

We will contine to service and work for you, todau and into the future under your fully support, keep high seed quality and efiiciency services are the keyts of success for ASUSA & Co., Ltd.

"The Wonderful life is inside of the seed"